Big, Really Big

20180309--20 (1)

Maicoboard1 2.jpg
When you need it to be big, really big.

Sometimes a brochure or flyer is just too small. Sometimes you need to upsize. Large format design requires a specialized skill set that not only includes the knowledge of how to prepare the artwork for proper production, but also the experience of knowing how to create a design that will work on an oversized, perhaps irregular-shaped, three-dimensional display surface. It’s a complex and intricate process that requires planning and precision – you wouldn’t want to entrust this kind of work to just anybody.



Maguire-billboard-drool Maguire-billboard-monkey Maguire-billboard-mouse Maguire-billboard-move Maguire-billboard-backseat Maguire-Billboard-8 Maguire-Billboard-9 WindBooth SolarBooth Energy-Audit GeoBoothsmart-car-design.jpgComfort-Windows-booth

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