Visit to review the retooled look and feel of Syracuse Woman magazine from December 2015 to present.


NYSAWWA Special Edition Aquarius

July August 2014 Magazine
“You did a super job putting everything together, mixing the new with the old, the time line and finally the binding. It’s a great looking magazine. I learned a lot about editing (I learned enough to know there is a lot more to know and it takes a tremendous amount of time) and it was a great experience. It was a time-consuming effort but it was a labor of love. It was great working with you and Jenny. Thank you very much for putting up with an engineer trying to write.” – John W. Frazer, Jr., Superintendent Town of Colonie DPW/Division of Latham Water

Use the grid but don’t be afraid to break it. The evolution of this publication includes stunning design and use of images and typography. Images with wraparound text or pull quotes that straddle columns add visual interest to each of the bi-monthly layouts. Just take a look!





Magazine: July-August 2014

July August 2014 Magazine
















Magazine: May-June 2013

















Magazine: March/April 2013

















Magazine: January/February 2013

















Magazine: November/December 2012

magazine November December 2012
















Magazine: September/October 2012

magazine Sept-Oct-2012

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